How You can Help to Open Geek.Zone/01

The last 14 months have clearly been very isolating for us all, so our first community hub, Geek.Zone/01, is needed now more than ever. What can you do to help our Geek.Zone open Geek.Zone/01?

What we need

Letters of Support

One of our core principles at Geek.Zone is bringing communities together. If you know of an individual or organisation who has not already shared a letter of support, persuade them to do so!

This will help us to provide evidence of need to potential funders, without requiring any financial or time commitment on the part of the potential community partner. Letters can be as long or as short as the writer prefers; a couple of paragraphs that explains how your contact feels Geek.Zone/01 will benefit their stakeholders will be fantastic!


Clearly, one of the major factors in opening any physical space is paying for the costs that it incurs. These include but are not limited to,

  • Rent
  • Insurance
  • Utilities

If you know of an individual or organisation who can donate toward these costs, persuade them to do so!

How to Help

Share the Info

The main pages that you can share with potential community partners are

These will help your contacts to better understand us and our projects. They also include a brief intro video which gives an overview.

Book a meeting

Next, book a meeting with me, you and your contact so that we can all discuss the possibilities together. As the Chair of Trustees, I can answer any questions that your contact has, as well as provide any assurances that they might need.

Join & Donate!

It’s not just organisations we need – we need you! Join Geek.Zone and donate on our JustGiving! Persuade your friends to do the same!

Launch Party!

With your help, we will be able to open Geek.Zone/01 even sooner! Thank you for your support and see you at the Geek.Zone/01 launch party!

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