TNLCF Award £10k Grant for Geek.Zone/01

I am overjoyed to announce that Geek.Zone has been awarded £10,000 by The National Lottery Community Fund so that we can progress Geek.Zone/01!

Geek.Zone was initially named with the intention of, someday, having a physical space (a zone) where geeks, nerds, dorks and all can create, play and connect. By awarding this grant to Geek.Zone, The National Community Fund has not only helped us take a huge step toward opening Geek.Zone/01 but also shown a huge vote of confidence in us and our goals. It also means that we will open Geek.Zone/01 in 2022! Thank you TNLCF!

Thank you also to everyone who took the opportunity to contribute to the grant proposal. Openness is one of our key values, and your help and ideas make us all better. We will continue to write our proposals in the open so that everyone has the opportunity to participate – something that will only be made easier with the upcoming release of Geek.Zone/Web.

Let’s do this!

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This is just the beginning, so your Geek.Zone needs your help now more than ever to open Geek.Zone/01!

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